After a quiet night’s sleep wake up at Camp Glen Brook in rural New Hampshire surrounded by woods and mountains. Wander into the dining hall to enjoy coffee and breakfast.

After breakfast, we gather together as a group for morning meeting, a time where we lay out the day’s activities.

At this point, you can pick a small workshop group. Workshops are led by people just like you — attendees with remarkable talents, interests, and areas of expertise. You’ll meet with this same small group throughout the week, focusing on a particular topic or activity. This is a place to pick up fun new skills or have conversations that go beyond just “small talk”.

At lunch, we gather to share a healthy, hearty meal, with options that will satisfy vegans and omnivores alike. Although our staff of phenomenally-talented chefs ensure that every meal is great, we like to maintain the feeling of fellowship (and keep costs down) by working collectively to prepare the food and clean up. Whatever your dietary needs are, we’ll make sure you’re well fed. And you will be well fed indeed — the food is an absolute dream.

The people who come to Spring have an enormous array of talents to teach and knowledge of fun activities to lead — too many to give each one its own week-long workshop. So after the afternoon meeting we hold one-shot workshops, which change daily. There will be an enormous grab-bag of more casual activities to choose from — if there’s something you’d like to do, let someone on staff know. There will also be plenty of time in the afternoon to do whatever you want — swim, kayak or canoe in the brook-fed pond, create weird stuff using the art supplies in the barn, hike the miles of trails, cavort in the green fields, play games, read, flirt, sunbathe, nap, or whatever you please.

For the week, everyone in the community will be part of a smaller ring of five to eight people each. These will be the people with whom you’ll be assigned to dining room prep and cleanup detail which happens once every couple of days, but more than that, they’ll be your posse, your comrades, your partners-in-crime. Each evening, after dinner, you’ll spend time with them just talking stuff over.

Each night there’s a different group activity offered. Coffee house/talent show, games, scavenger hunt and dance party (bring your crazy outfits), bonfires, late night moments of group reverence.

Crash out in a funky A-frame, or a room in a rambling farmhouse. There are approximately 30 bedrooms at our disposal. Some are more secluded than others — you can choose cozy privacy or join a boisterous slumber party.