Every June a group of adults come together to create a boisterous community and to remember with all our senses how playful, wonderful, and rich life can be. We call this event Spring, and while there we have the golden opportunity to laugh together, and to listen: to the world around us, to our fellows, and to ourselves. Spring is only one week long, but the effects of the relationships we build and the rejuvenation we gain last much longer.

For many of us, this retreat has become a renewal, a chance to look over the previous year and thoughtfully consider how to proceed in the next one. Having taken a giant step toward each other, we also take a step back from our “regular” lives and so get the opportunity to look at our goals and ourselves with new perspective, away from the distractions and stresses of day-to-day life.

We invite you to join us, to come for the first time or return to the fold. We’re aiming for an inspiring adventure and guarantee the following: a week on a gorgeous 250-year old farm in Southern NH, one of the least expensive vacations you may ever have, belly laughs, heady thoughts, and an experience like no other. We hope to see you there!

Spring 2018 will be held Friday, June 8 through Friday, June 15