What should I bring?

 Personal Essentials

 * Clothing for warm days, chilly nights, and possible rain

* Flashlight or headlamp

* Toiletries – whatever you need to get through a week

* Allergy medicine, if needed

* Bug repellent

* Sunblock

* Hat/sunglasses

* Towel

* Refillable water bottle

*Whatever you like to swim in

* Bedding (twin sized blankets, pillows, etc.) and/or a sleeping bag. Be aware that the mattresses are plentiful but plastic-coated and narrow – if this bums you out, pack extra bedding or bring an airbed! Or, pack a tent for a rustic retreat in Adventure Camp.

* A watch, or another way to tell the time that won’t accidentally suck you into the Internet

Community contributions

* Snacks and tea to share. Glen Brook provides meals for the week, but not snacks. Let’s bring the tasty!

* Books for the Spring Library – Anything you’ve been reading that you want to share for the week. What have you been reading that made you think hard, act differently, laugh, cry…?

* Clothes and other items for the Spring Swap. Bring what you no longer need, take whatever catches your fancy.

* Games (board, card, outdoor…) and other fun group activities.

* We are looking for some Yearbook photographers who can volunteer to bring a camera, and help make sure we get photos of everyone that wants to be included – let someone on staff know if you’re willing to help out!

*Nesting materials. Bring extra pillows, blankets, fairy lights, fabric, etc. to make some dreamy, cozy spaces.

 Workshop supplies

* Take a look at the weeklong workshops listed on the website and bring anything you need for the workshop you want to take. Any extra action figures, dolls, or figurines you have to donate to Zareiff’s workshop are appreciated.

*Your plans and materials for one-shot workshops. Contact Kat (katmclellan@gmail.com) with any questions or ideas.

* Some cereal-box type lightweight cardboard. It will become fancy masks for dance party!

For Specific Activities

*Clothes that you can move in and don’t mind getting a little dirty or wet, for a wacky version of elementary school Field Day. Bonus (made-up) points for team spirit!

* Costumes and decorations for Sunday night’s dance party. This year’s theme is “Garden of Earthly Delights.” Definitely weirder than your average garden party…

* Your talents, instruments, etc. for Coffee House on Thursday night (note: talents not actually necessary to perform)

* Art for the Community Art Gallery (during Coffee House) Bring something you’ve made during the past year, or display something you make at Spring.

* Some fancy clothing for a soiree dinner…with a side of murder!!! (Happening on Tuesday)

As one final note, we discourage the use of electronic devices in the common areas at Spring. Take this as an opportunity to unplug and leave your laptops/tablets/etc. behind.