Spring 2018 will be held Friday, June 8 through Friday, June 15.

Register as soon as you can to confirm your attendance -- conference size is limited to 70. If you can't make it for the whole week please note that there are a limited number of long weekend slots available.

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Spring is a collaboration and everyone who comes can make an important contribution. In coming to Spring we all take responsibility for making the event special. Sometimes that means helping to prepare meals and clean up, sometimes that means sharing your talents and teaching everyone a new song or game. Everyone has something to contribute, and Spring is best when everyone chips in!
I will happily take an extra meal cleanup if the cleanup group is short-handed
I can lead people in group songs
I would like to help set up at pre-site before the start of the conference
I would like to lead a one-shot workshop
I can lead people in group games
I'm interested in being a ring leader
I can help organize the arts and crafts space
I can help coordinate coffee house
I can help coordinate the community art gallery
I want to run a group discussion on a topic I'm interested in
I know a centering exercise or calm activity that might be good for worship
I can lead yoga or meditation in the morning
I know the space well and can help welcome newcomers when they arrive
I am a late night person and would be happy to close things up a few nights
I would like to help cook a meal for the community
I can bring extra nesting materials to make the space more cozy and dreamy
I want to be a character in a murder mystery

Spring is the perfect place to share your skills and talents (we know you have them!) and to try out new things. Want to work with a group to create a giant kaleidoscope? Want to discuss solutions to challenges facing our world? Want to teach someone how to knit, walk a slack line or say 10 words in German? Or introduce folks to a new board game you're into? Spring is a great place to share your skills and talents in a low-stakes environment with supportive peers.
Are you interested in running a weekend-long or one-shot workshop?
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If you're interested in running a workshop, tell us about your idea.

If this is your first time then we'd like to know how you heard about us!
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Please note any special medical needs here. (For example: I have diabetes, an allergy to bee stings, and just broke my leg yesterday… If I were unconscious, I would want you to tell the doctor that I take medication, that I am allergic to penicillin, that I am…)

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Shirts are $15. Click here to see larger previews of all the shirts. If you would like to order more than one shirt, order the first one here and then email the registrar to order additional shirts.

A note about the sliding scale: We estimate the average cost per person to make Spring happen this year to be $450 (or $280 for the long weekend). Please use the sliding scale to choose the total amount you are able to pay for the conference. We encourage you to stay within your personal means, choosing to pay a lower or higher amount as you are able.

A note about the payment plan: You may use the payment plan whether you slide the scale up or down to spread your payments out over the course of the year. To use it set the slider to the total amount you would like to pay and then select the second option. Then enter the amount you would like to pay when you register and the rest will be evenly distributed over 6 monthly payments, starting on July 1st.

If you have any questions about the estimated cost, sliding scale, payment plans, or anything else, please feel free to reach out to Samantha (registrar) or Will (treasurer).

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