Policy for Responding to Reports of Misconduct

Upon receiving communication from a member or guest of the community about misconduct staff shall, at the next meeting or sooner, discuss the incident. If staff determines that the emotional or physical safety of the community or an individual were put at risk staff will initiate a review of all information which could lead to the revocation of membership and/or disinvitation from future events.

Such review, including communication to all involved parties, will be confidential. Staff will develop a report of findings.

After consideration of the facts staff will vote on an appropriate course of action. Staff shall notify the parties directly affected of the decision. Any time a person is asked to leave an event or is disinvited from attending future events staff shall inform the membership of this decision via email or other form of communication, unless it would cause greater harm to do so. When informing the membership of such decisions staff shall hold the names of those who were wronged in confidence but may release the name of the wrongdoer.

People who have been disinvited from events may petition the staff to be allowed to return to events when at least one year has passed after their disinvitation. Staff will then decide whether or not to accept their registration for future events.